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ORIENT DREAM is the festival of the oriental dance, music and culture of the Middle East which takes place every year as an independant and accompanying event of the Arabfest in Pilsen. 
The conception of the ORIENT DREAM festival is to link up a general public, amateur and professional dance community in order to educate and  to entertain. Thus the festival programme includes lectures, contest, workshops, show and other supporting programme such as e.g. bazar, exposition, discussions, etc  
The aim of the 
ORIENT DREAM festival is to show diversity and beauty of the oriental dance at its artistic level, to familiarize a general public with different dance and music styles and so to connect lays and professionals. Therefore, guests such as professional Czech and foreign dancers are invited, completed by chosen Czech semi-professional and amateur dancers and groups.
So that our audience can see every year a varied dance and music show at a professional level that we are trying to improve from one edition to another.

We are very glad that for the past five years we have already got our own audience that comes back to see us regularly, what proves our good work  The festival is within the Czech dance community well known for its friendly atmosphere, very good organisation and keeping authenticity and a purity of the dance styles.


The 5th festival edition is successfully over.  We would like to thank to all our festival partners for their support and cooperation, to all our guests and dancers for their great performances, to all our volunteers for their support and help, but mainly to our great audience for which the whole show is intented and that made a wonderful atmosphere as usually. Without all of them it would make no sense to organise this beautiful event  
The biggest thanks from us as the organisers, goes to our families for their support, help, love and undestanding because this is the most important thing without which the festival could not arise at all.
Respect !

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Video teaser from the 5th edition in 2014:

Photos from the 5th festival show are available HERE
Photos from 2nd Contest for the amateur group are available HERE


Stay tuned about all news and like also our festival Facebook page.

We are already starting now to prepare next 6th edition for 2015. 
We are open to any kind of your suggestions or ideas you can bring us in order to improve our next editions.
If you have any idea or you would like to cooperate either help us in some of next fields:
- partner or sponsor of the festival,
- media cooperation,
- goods or services presentation,
direct participation at the festival programme (except dance performances!),
- organizational support, etc.

Please, don´t hesitate to contact us by mail at: kamilah@kamilah.eu


Our past guests : TS Aiwa! tribe, TS Ajjani, TS Alterra, TS Cekirdek, TS Daima Dancers, Eglal, Eva Procházková, Faiza, Fatima, Galeb, Hafsa, Katyia Na´Ilah, Katka Zezulková, Khalida, Layan, Lucie Bartoníčková, Lucy Innah, Maral, Míra Čipera, Mohamed Hassan, Mona, TS Orchidée Noire, TS Orient Dream, Osama Farag, Pavla Kostková, Sahar, Satine, Shareefa, Soňa Machová, Mahreen, TS MeKeBa, TS Soleila, Věra Škalová, Warda, Zuzana Kepková and others.




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