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Bellydance performance can give a variety to any kind of your event.
It is convenient for a company parties, balls, weddings, birthday parties, exhibitions, festivals, etc. We perform as a soloist, in a duo or as the group.

It is possible to choose the program according to your ideas or you can consult it with us. Each client is treated individually and we offer a suitable program for your event. The professionalism and reliability are guaranteed. The price of the program depends on a number of performing dancers and duration of the program and it includes the time needed for the preparation, professional costumes and travel costs.

Repertory: classical oriental dance (Raqs sharki)

               modern pop orient

               Raqs al shamadan (dance with a candelabra)

               fantasy with props (Isis wings, silk veils, veil poi)

               fusion styles – tango oriental, flirt orient

      folklore – khaleegy, shaabi, eskanderany, muwashahat,                    saidi, hagalla, ghawazee

               tribal fusion