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Workshops with invited guest teachers and performers are organized in order to learn new dance styles, to provide inspiration and further education and knowledge within our dance community.

My past guests were e.g.: Eglal, Galeb, Inci (DE), Maral (SYR/DE), Miroslav Čipera, Mohamed Hassan (EG/DE), Mona, Sahar,
Said el Amir, Osama Mimi Farag (EG/CZ), Perla Elias Nemer, Warda (RUS/CZ).

NEW workshops :


Saturday 6th April 2019
13,30 - 17,30 Combos for almost all odds.
Effectful combinations from soft to strong with surprising level changes and accents. Come and get inspired.

18,00 - 19,00 Workshop of "Health & Performance"
Dance Medicine & Science for Bellydancers

Sunday 7th April 2019
9,00 - 13,00 "Don't ask me" - a cool and crazy music by the acapella group Bauchklang will inspire us to cross boarders and to spice-up the bellydance tunes and vibes. This choreography is a tribute to the new bellydance generation with respect to tradition thus open for new stuff. Enjoy getting new moves which can be transferred to classical Raqs Sharqi routines as well. A funny, happily exhausting, inspiring and technically proper choreography in typical Said-el-Amir-Style.

All workshops are of course including a regular opening warm-up and the final stretch.

Price for the whole week-end: 125 EUR

Registration HERE

All workshops are for all level dancers.
Let´s try something new and enjoy dance and time together.

Please, register to all workshops and events in time.
You will ensure your spot and we can guarantee

organizing of workshops, projects and events. 
Thank you for respecting organizational and payment terms.